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Winter Velvet

Now that the weather has gotten a little cooler we may need to add that extra layer on our beds.
We tend to spend more time in bed in the colder weather and there is nothing like a hot bath and climbing into bed early to watch a movie on Netflix.
It’s defiantly one of my guilty pleasures!

Adding  layers with either a blanket, throw or coverlet adds that extra style as well as comfort to your bed.
Velvet is my new favourite fabric for the winter, not only does it add warmth but also a little luxe to your boudoir.

Here are just some reasons why Velvet is a good option for the winter:

  1. It’s warm -  And its cosy, the added weight of velvet adds that extra layer of comfort just what you need in the cold weather.
  2. It adds texture - The lush pile of velvet adds a luscious texture to your bed, transforming your bedroom into a luxurious retreat.
  3. It captures the look and feel of the season - All in one fabric. This means you can still use your summer sheets or quilt cover and just add that extra velvet layer to take you into the new season!
  4. It layers well - Velvet is warm, but not too thick, making it the perfect layering partner for your bedlinen. You can use a velvet coverlet as a bed cover or as a luxe velvet throw at the end of your bed.

The possibilities are endless with velvet bed covers, add a layer of velvet and see how your bedroom can be transformed into a luxurious winter retreat!

Sweet dreams!

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