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Bedroom detox

With all the discussion on viruses and germs I thought it would be good to talk bedroom detox.

We spent anywhere between 6-9 hours in our bedrooms sleeping, so it’s one the most important rooms to keep clean and germ free, as well as do what we can to remove harmful toxins.
Our sleep is vital to our physical and mental wellbeing, so it is beneficial to keep it a healthy sanctuary, a space that is safe from the world around us, a cocoon for our bodies to recharge.

Detox – Declutter – Disinfect - Decorate
Here my free tips that are quick and easy ways to cleanse, de clutter, and detox our bedrooms:


• Let the sunshine in - it couldn’t be easier, just open your curtains or blinds and let the glorious rays of the sun brighten up your room. The sunshine is not only good for your sense of wellbeing but also kills the little critters that live to the dark dampness of your bedroom. 

• Open the windows and if you have a fan turn it on! The fresh air circulating around your bedroom gets rid of the stale air that has accumulated during the night and brings in a breeze to refresh your bedroom. Studies have found that fresh air in the bedroom can actually improve your sleep! 


• Declutter your bedroom retreat - bedrooms are a sanctuary when you are refreshed and restored. They should be treated with respect and prioritised. I think because they are not always seen be others they can be one of the most neglected rooms in the home. This should not be, we spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room in the house and our sleep is essential for our complete health.

• Go through your space and remove anything that is not useful or unnecessary, KonMari your bedroom 


• Now that you have decluttered, give you bedroom a deep clean.
Start with the surfaces, using toxic free cleaners like white vinegar or lemon juice, here is how to make your own disinfectant 

• Wash your bedlinen and if necessary disinfect the wash with vinegar.

• Clean the floors with a natural disinfectant,  or vacuum your carpets thoroughly!
A cheap, easy trick is using Bi Carb, it's is a natural way to get rid of odours in your carpet and refresh them.


Now that you have removed the unwanted germs, toxins and dust from your boudoir, here is one of the few things you can add that will benefit you and your sleep!

• Add a plant to your bedroom décor, not only does add a pop of colour to your room but studies at NASA  have found plants help to detoxify air pollutants in your bedroom. Plants are also effective in absorbing carbon dioxide which is what we breath out making plants our perfect sleeping companions.

• Ensure your bedlinen is made of natural fibres like, bamboo cotton or linen. Synthetic fibres like polyester AKA microfiber may be cheap, but the toxins in these fabrics are not good for our bodies, especially when you lie on them for up to 9 hours every night!

With these easy tips we can make our bedrooms safe sanctuaries to restore our minds and bodies, ready for what the days bring in these uncertain times.

Sweet dreams!

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