Luxuriously soft bamboo bedlinen

bamboo cotton duvet set pillowcases grey and white bedding blend of bamboo and cotton

White & Ash

Grey BAMBOO duvet quilt cover pillowcases pillowslips bamboo cotton bedding LOOM LIVING

slate & white

Indigo DUVET cover pillowslips quilt cover pillowcases pairs BAMBOO cotton ethical sustainable LOOM LIVING

Indigo & white

DUVET set GREY BEDDING bamboo cotton pillowslips pillowcases quilt covers BEDLINEN LOOM LIVING

Ash & Slate

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BLOG posts

Cozy up in the bedrooom

Cozy up in the bedrooom Just as our personal style changes with the seasons, so should our bedrooms.
With the arrival of Autumn and the cooler nights our bedrooms can easily be made into a cozy boudoir.

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Bedroom essentials

Bedroom essentials Here are some essentials you need for your bedroom, keep to these few items and give the illusion that your bedroom is bigger than it actually is.

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Good sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene Sleeping . . . it’s seems so simple right? Or maybe not?! 
Here is some information I have found on sleep hygiene, and that I’m trying myself, to see if I can get a better night’s sleep.

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