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Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living Quilt cover sets - Loom Living

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Our Quilt cover sets are ethically made with our luxuriously soft Bamboo Cotton. 
Our Duvet Set consists of a Duvet cover and two Pillowcases, both with a tailored flange border which adds a stylish finish, and a beautiful shell button closure for added detail.

The quilt cover set is made from a blend of Bamboo & Cotton with our unique linen look. The cotton slub yarn adding texture to the bedlinen and the bamboo gives the duvet cover a beautiful softness, perfect for a good night's sleep!

Our Quilt Cover sizes:
Double Bed: 180cm X 210cm
Queen Bed: 210cm X 210cm
King Bed: 210cm X 245cm
Super king Bed: 240cm X 270cm

Pillowcases: 50cm X 75cm

The Bamboo duvet cover set is packed in a reusable fabric bag in the colour you've selected.
If you are unsure of the colours and need to see and feel the fabric, we are more than happy to send you swatches. 
Please send me an email  and I will post the fabric swatches to you ASAP.

Bamboo Bed Covers: Making a Sustainable Change

Thinking about making better eco-friendly choices for your home? A renewable crop that can be harvested more sustainably than timber and with fewer pesticides than cotton, more families are making the switch to bamboo sheets Australia-wide.

Read more

Why? Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing greener fabrics and why each piece is an investment-worthy choice for your home.

Bamboo Doonas, Duvets, and Quilt Covers

If you’re new to the market, chances are you’ve heard about cotton, linen, and silk —and the idea of a fabric derived from grass shoots may seem off the cuff. We get it! To keep things simple, here is a quick overview of the different fibres used in most bedding materials:

  • Linen: Most often derived from flax, linen is a hard-wearing, long-lasting textile that is great for temperature control and breathability
  • Cotton: An affordable household solution, most sheets on the market are made from cotton.
  • Bamboo: A more recent development, bamboo sheet sets are coming to the mainstream market as a highly renewable, strong fibre that is soft, supple, and good for the earth.
  • Silk: made from silkworm protein fibres, silk is a high-end, soft fabric that is smooth and sleek for a luxurious look.
  • Among the many differentiating factors, budget, feel, and look will likely influence your final choice. We also argue that environmental concerns should also be considered.

    If you have been looking for earth-friendly alternatives for your home, bamboo bed linen, duvets, and quilt covers are:

    • Harvested from highly renewable crops that can regenerate every 3-5 years.
    • Can follow organic farming practices that eliminate the use of harsh pesticides, chemicals, and insecticides.
    • Long-lasting. These grass fibres are strong and this durability is passed into the threads woven into our sheets.

    When it comes to purchasing once and using them many times, these sheets are likely one of the best choices. Even better? These sheet sets are known for breaking down and becoming softer with each wash. Much like linen, you can expect your Loom Living set to become comfier, cosier, and more loved in your home with every sleep.

    Luxury Living: Bamboo Bed Covers

    Loom Living exists for one purpose—to bring high quality, investment-worthy, and eco-friendly considerate linens to the household market. Believing that green choices can meet luxury and affordability, we have worked our way through the textiles industry for over 30 years to ensure that our values meet our manufacturing practices and product outcomes.

    Interested in learning more about our manufacturing processes? Check out this interview with our Loom Living Founder and lead Factory Manager on a visit to South-East Asia. Taking pride in putting in the hard yards to produce high quality, fashionable, and ethical textiles, we’re committed to informing our customers about our product and quality control processes every step of the way.

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