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Our Bamboo Bed Sheets Are Pure Bliss

If you have been looking for a high-end way to make greener choices for your home, Loom Living has the answer for you in our popular range of bamboo bedding. Dedicated to designing luxurious, eco-friendly textile alternatives, we partner with leading manufacturers who are committed to an ethical, sustainable production line from start to finish.

Wondering why you should make the switch? Read on to learn more about the benefits of this strong, long-lasting fibre and how it can make a difference both for the planet and your home.

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Bamboo Bedding in Australia: What You Need to Know

Now that environmentally conscious fabrics are coming to the table, we’re more committed than ever to ensuring that our Loom Living collection follows quality practices and procedures to bring our designs to life.

Why? Because fashion and textile production has historically been one of the most polluting industries and we’re not interested in supporting it. To ensure that we maintain high-quality and ethical standards over each one of our products, our team has:

  • Done the due diligence on one of our leading fabric manufacturers to ensure consistent and ethical quality control;
  • Uses bamboo as one of our leading fibres used in manufacturing.

Why? Because bamboo sheets, quilt sets, and duvet covers are a strong, durable, and eco-friendly alternative to other mainstream fabrics. Among the many benefits of to love, our favourites are:

  • Bamboo can be regenerated and harvested within 3-5 years—significantly longer than it takes to replant and regenerate a timber forest. (Which can take 20-30 years!)
  • Fields can be grown following organic practices—meaning limited or no use of harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Durable fibres. We’re not interested in a fast-fashion community that values quick production and fast product turnover. Instead, we’re committed to producing high quality, investment-worthy pieces that will stand the test of time.

And that’s just the benefits gained during production! If you’re looking for a green choice for your family and home that everybody will love, these sheet sets are also:

  • Great for temperature control. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, bamboo sheets are great for moisture-wicking and breathability.
  • Long-lasting. Designed from durable grass fibres, these strong threads are woven together into sheet sets that are strong, resistant, and will stand the test of time.
  • Soft, soft, and soft. Did we mention soft? These grass fibres are similar to linen in the way they break down and become softer with each wash. For a cosy, comfortable sleep, Loom Living has designed duvet covers, flat sheets, fitted covers, and pillowcase sets to ensure you’re surrounded by a soft, smooth feel.

Bamboo Bed Sheets in Australia: Shopping Online

With over 30 years working in textiles, fabrics, and fashion, Loom Living has the experience and industry insight needed to bring you household textiles that are eco-friendly, affordable, and designed to last. Believing that there is a kinder, greener, way to create a luxurious living space, we never cut back on quality, ethics, or values when designing a new collection.

With strict quality and production control standards that are reviewed every step of the way, each piece in our velvet and bamboo bedding ranges can be trusted as a consciously curated piece for your home.

New to our online community? Welcome to Loom Living—we’ve got you covered.