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How to style your bed

We all want our beds to look stylish and inviting, well here are some easy steps on how to make your bedroom look like a luxurious retreat no matter what the season!

Layer up  - One of the most important elements of the bedroom when it comes to both form and function is your bedding, after all you spend almost a third of your life sleeping in it!

Layering is especially beneficial in the winter. The layers not only look inviting, but they keep you cosy in bed when the nights turn cold.

You can layer your bed with a throw for the visual effect, but if it’s warmth you need add a larger stylish blanket, or velvet coverlet.

This grey velvet coverlet adds that extra layer of effortless style, and not to mention warmth!

Lush cotton velvet bedspread  grey velvet comforter velvet coverlet LOOM LIVING

Upsize - Depending on your bed size, try using a bigger duvet and duvet cover.

The doona will hang lower on the bed and gives a feeling of luxury and hides more of what could be an ugly bed base, or it makes tucking in your doona easier, if you’re a tucker! Not to mention there will be ample duvet for both you and your partner, no one will be left with a cold shoulder!

Below you can see we used a queen duvet set on a double bed, it adds that style we all admire in the magazines!

Slate grey bamboo duvet cover set bamboo pillowcases grey bamboo duvet LOOM LIVING

Go Green - Plants are a great way to add a touch of green to your bedroom as well as all the benefits of having a living, breathing plant in your bedroom.
Plants absorb the carbon dioxide you breath out at night and release oxygen into the air. They will also bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to your space.

Cushions - This another way to easily accessorise your bed, and some of you may be relieved to know you don’t need to add many, just one or two will transform your bed and give it a more styled look.
Play around with different colours, textures and patterns to create visual interest, and don't forget to consider different textiles for the seasons. Velvet is the perfect winter fabric, it adds a sense of cosiness and luxe to your bed, and we all need a little cosy in the winter months!

This images show how we used different colour pillowslips to create interest on the bed and only one small scatter cushion, but the effect is amazing!

Bamboo bedlinen bamboo duvet cover Indigo pillowslips ethically made bedlinen LOOM LIVING

Rug up - Adding a rug in your bedroom brings the warmth you may need if you have hard floors as well as centring your bed.
Add the rug at the end of your bed a third of the way under the bed or add smaller rugs on the sides of the bed.
This will keep your feet from touching down on icing floors in the morning when you get out of your snug bed.

White bamboo bedlinen ethically made bamboo duvet set bamboo pillowslips LOOM LIVING

Sweet dreams!

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