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Interior trends 2022

Our homes are now more than ever a place of sanctuary and relaxation, we now live, work and play
largely in our homes.
With the new year ahead, I have selected just a few trends we can adopt to refresh our homes.
That being said, it is not a reason to buy more but rather to refresh and repurpose what we already have.
Most of last year’s most popular trends are simply predicted to evolve and adapt, rather than get replaced completely.

Here are just 4 trends we can easily adopt in our home to rejuvenate and renew our homes for the new year ahead:

Biophilic design - simply bringing the outdoors in. Using natural timber finishes and furnishings in favour of manmade, or synthetic finishes everywhere in the home. Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom spaces, including vanities, walls and ceiling linings are adopting finishes in raw timber, stone, and concrete. These natural materials and finishes add a connection to the earth and all things natural.
An easy way to adopt this trend is by adding loads of indoor plants, fresh flowers, and foliage to your rooms. Studies have found even images featuring nature help bring a calm feeling to your space.

Olive green, gumnut green bedding bamboo bedding Loom Living organic bedlinen

Earth tones - Colour trends for 2022 also reflect our need to be close to nature, ranging from Eucalyptus and olive greens to ochre and clay browns. Even darker colours are set to make a comeback in timbers.
An easy way to add these tones to your home is with accent cushions in your living room, and earth tone bedding. A beautiful Olive green duvet cover or throw will update your bedroom instantly!

Handmade objects - add details in your home that are handmade or artisan. We all love to make our homes comfortable and welcoming, and nothing evokes this more than a unique handmade ceramic décor piece. Nostalgia is driving this renewed love for handcrafted objects everywhere; this has probably been due to all our DIY projects we have done during the lockdowns!
Simply add a wabi sabi, handcrafted piece to the rooms in the home to update your décor.

handmade handicraft Interior trends 2022 loom Living vases wooden decor Bamboo bedlinen biophilic interior trend 2022 handicraft Loom Living

- Of course, the theme uniting all these trends is the idea of making a sustainable choice. Whether this means you are mindful of the kinds of materials you are introducing to your home, that you take on a “buy once, buy well” approach, or you embrace a minimal style with statement features to ensure your décor has longevity, is completely up to you.
Take a look at your home a simply changing things around in a room and adding a plant here and there could instantly update the look, and keep your home on trend.
There is not always a need to buy more, maybe just making some small changes, and if needed buy one or two items that will have maximum impact is all that is needed to make your home bang up to date for 2022!

Sweet dreams!

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