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Ten tips for a good night’s sleep


  1. Don’t exercise just before your normal bedtime as your heart will remain accelerated for some time after exercise and sleep delayed.

  2. Keep to a set routine if possible. Try not to work on your computer or trail through Twitter or your Instagram feed before bedtime as this could merely serve to stimulate the brain rather than soothing and preparing for sleep.

  3. Don’t drink coffee or caffeinated drinks before bedtime. Tea is also a stimulant so try and avoid drinking too close to bedtime. Chocolate can have the same effect. And so too can alcohol.

  4. Don’t watch thriller television series or movies before bedtime as this is not exactly a precursor for good sleep. Rather make a habit of reading before bed, and again, perhaps not a thriller.

  5. Buy the best bedlinen you can afford so your skin can breathe and it’s soft to the touch. Our bamboo cotton luxury bedlinen is a perfect start to a good night’s sleep, it's both soft and breathable.

  6. A darkened room helps with sleep too, especially if you have to do shift work or live in areas with daylight saving and light is an issue.

  7. Try and keep disturbance and noise to a minimum in your bedroom. Use earplugs if your neighbourhood isn’t particularly free from noise.

  8. Stick to more soothing colours in your bedroom. Reds, oranges and yellows tend to be stimulating while softer shades of blue, green and grey have the opposite effect. These shades are in fact believed to reduce anxiety and stress. Our bamboo cotton quilt cover set, and pillowcases are in the prefect colours to sooth the soul.

  9. Make sure there’s enough air flow in your bedroom. A stuffy bedroom isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep. A fan will help circulate air if you have fresh air coming through windows or screen door.

  10. Soft bedroom lighting can also prepare you for sleep. Bedside lamps or bedside pendant lamps are a good option.

    Add a good book, and you’ll be nodding off in no time!

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