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Making your bed made easy

We all dream of a perfectly made bed, but isn’t something you should lose sleep over 😊
It’s all about layering the bedlinens properly, adding a few pillows on top, and you’ll have a bed worthy of a boutique hotel. 

Here is the cheats way with a few easy tips and hacks:

1. The bed skirt or valance.

Starting from the bottom up, the bed frame or bed base needs attention to give your bed a finished look.
A bed skirt is also sometimes called a bed ruffle, bed skirt, bed wrap, or a valance.
If you want to hide the frame or change the colour, a cheats way is to add a valance to cover the bed base. Place a valance over or around the bed frame to hide the frame. The bed skirt ( Valance) should be long enough to just lightly touch the floor.
A bed wrap will only cover the bed frame, and usually has encased elastic around the top and bottom edge to keep it in place.

Tip: If your valance, or bed wrap, tends to slip and shift around, use safety pins to secure it in place.
• Bed skirts come in different lengths. Measure from the floor to the top of the bed base to determine what length you need.
• Choose a bed wrap that complements the colour scheme in your bedroom.
• For a classic, feminine look, use a ruffled or gathered bed skirt. For a sleek, modern feel, opt for a tailored valance, or quilted bed wrap.

Hack: Instead of buying a valance or bed wrap, use a fitted sheet in a coordinating, or matching colour to cover the bed frame.

2. Protect your mattress.

This next layer is important but not essential. It will not be seen but will give added protection and comfort to your mattress. Cover the mattress with a mattress protector if you want to keep it clean and stain free. Most mattress pads are waterproof, so they keep any spills or stains from seeping through onto the mattress itself. Pull the mattress protector tight across the 4 corners of the mattress.

Tip: If your mattress protector does not have elastic, or straps that keep it in place use safety pins to keep it secure.

• Mattress pads are sold according to the size of your bed. If you have a queen size bed, you'll need a queen size mattress pad.
• Some mattress pads also provide extra cushioning and comfort. Look for one that’s labelled as “pillow-top,” “memory foam,” or “extra plush.”
• If your mattress protector gets stained, simply peel it off the bed and toss it in the laundry. If the stains are stubborn, it may need to be soaked first.

Hack: Use a thick flannel fitted sheet as a protector, is will give your mattress an extra layer of protection and adsorb sweat and stains.

3. Fit your bottom sheet.

Stretch the fitted sheet over the 4 corners of the mattress. Pull the fitted sheet taut, so it lies smooth against the mattress. Make sure the elastic edges are tucked all the way under the mattress so that they don’t ride up or come undone.

Tip: Check your mattress depth before you purchase any fitted sheets to ensure you have a standard size mattress.

If you have a tall mattress, like one with a pillow top, an extra deep fitted sheet will cover the mattress better.
The average mattress is between 22cm and 29cm which allows standard 40cm deep fitted sheets to fit perfectly.
If you have an extra deep mattress or a mattress topper you will need a fitted sheet with extra depth. At Loom Living we offer bespoke sheets and will custom make fitted sheets to fit any size mattress

Hack: Most sheet sets come with a fitted sheet. However, you can also use a flat sheet as a bottom sheet, just tuck it in tightly around the mattress.

grey bamboo fitted sheet bamboo cotton bed linen LOOM LIVING

4. Your Flat sheet:

The flat sheet is a great way to keep your duvet cover clean and keep you cool in the warmer months. Center the flat sheet on the bed, lining up the top edge with the mattress. There should be an equal amount of sheet hanging off each side of the bed. Turn down the top of the flat sheet, it can be folded over a blanket or duvet. If your top sheet is a contrast colour to your blanket or quilt cover it will add a stylish roll to the top of your bed.

Tip: Leave your flat sheet loose, just tuck in the bottom end to keep it in place. This is especially good in the summer when to nights are warm. It will allow you body to breath and you won’t feel trapped under a tight fitting flat sheet.

 If the sheet is crumpled or has creases from being folded, iron the sheets before setting it on the bed.
 I personally like the Wabi Sabi slightly lived in crumpled look. But if you prefer ironed bedlinen, here’s my hack;

Hack: Iron your sheet set when they are on the bed if you want that crisp look.


5. Add a Duvet or Blanket:

Tip: The duvet can be rolled to the end of the bed when the nights are warm, but it’s there in case of a sudden drop in temperature during the night. A blanket will do the same, folded at the end of the bed to add style and layering, but also there if needed during the night.

In the summer just the flat sheet is needed, but in the cooler months add a duvet or blanket over the top of the flat sheet.
The duvet cover can be a coordinating or contrasting colour to your sheets.
In fact I love having the fitted sheet, flat sheet and duvet cover all in different colours to add a cool layered look. Loom Living has 4 colours that all work together beautifully so no guess work is needed. The colours all work and coordinated together.


6. Add your decorative touches.

The final touches; Scatter cushions, pillows and throws all add those all important finishing touches.

Tip: I have pillowcases in contrasting colours to the fitted sheet and flat sheet. This adds interests and colour layering to my bedlinen.

Adding decorative cushions, throws and blankets is a very personal thing. I love the extra layering these accessories bring, but I know some people hate all the fuss. You can keep it simple and still get that styled, layered Boutique Hotel look.

Hack: Use Euro pillows instead of cushions, these are great for extra comfort when lounging in bed, and also add extra colour and layering without too much fuss.




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