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Let’s get Glamorous

After watching the last few episodes of “The Block” where the contestants had to decorate the guest bedroom as ‘Luxury Hotel' rooms, I was inspired by the Luxe looks they used in their bedrooms. I have always been into the more natural Scandi, and even enjoy the Boho Tribal look that is around, but never ventured into the realm of the Glamorous trend. 

Some of the glam bedrooms I have seen are completely outrageous and are so not my style, that I have avoided the Glam Luxe look altogether. Thanks to The Block, I have now seen looks that have simple design elements that even the most average person, like me, could accomplish. I can add these simple luxe accessories and updates to my bedroom without changing my beautiful bamboo bedlinen that I love. It’s not all about satin sheets and velvet quilt covers. I can use my Indigo quilt cover set and add some luxe accessories to get the look.
It’s small additions that can change up your look and add a little Glam to your boudoir.
This photo below from The Block shows how you can add glamour to any bedroom.

THE BLOCK hotel glam bedroom  LOOM LIVING Indigo bedlinen

Here are some ways you can add Glam without the Hollywood budget:

The Furniture:
Think furniture with sculptural lines, upholstery, metal, and detailing.
Take your current furniture and glamorize it with the addition of metallic handles and legs. These are the perfect finishing touches to add an extra glam feel. Dark wood or black pieces look great with gold or brass handles and gives a more sophisticated feel to any piece of furniture. These mirrored side tables, in the below photo, are perfect for the Luxe look.

Hollywood glam master bedroom LOOM LIVING bedlinen bed sets

The Walls:
Colour palettes that include deeper tones like Inky black, berry or jewel tones give colour intensity that is needed in the luxe look.
White walls are timeless, and my personal favourite, but if you have grown tired of your all white interior, perhaps it is time to go deeper and darker!
One of my favorite interior paint colours is called Black Flame. A beautiful blend of navy and black that puts the spotlight on décor just like white walls. If your bedroom is small and would not suit the darker colours, paint an accent wall in a deeper, darker colour to create this glam luxe look.

The Accessories:
This is the cheapest and easiest way to update any room, the accessories.
I have added some shimmer and fur cushions to my bedroom and it has added instant glamour.
Use light reflecting materials like metallic, mirrors, crystal, and lacquer.
Whether it’s a vase, picture frame or cushion; whatever accessories you add ensure they reflect light or shimmer!
A picture frame that has a crystal or mirrored border or by adding a crystal vase to the bedside table adds instant Hollywood Glam.
Change your cushions, add velvets, fur or metallic fabrics like sequins or satin; this is an easy and an instant way to update and change your look..
Throws and blankets in luxurious high pile fabrics like velvet or fur at the foot of the bed adds extra layers that are essential to get that luxe Hollywood look.

LOOM LIVING glamour bedroom bedlinen bamboo bed set

The Lighting:
Dramatic lighting with crystal chandeliers and metallic table lamps adds the final touch.
Glam pieces often feature metallic or mirrored surfaces and strategically placed statement lighting reflect these surfaces in all their grandeur.
Chandeliers enhance a Luxe look in bedroom and adds that little bit extra that makes all the difference to your bedroom.


Like me, maybe it’s time to try a new look in your bedroom, even if it’s just for a season.
Have fun, that’s what decorating is all about - play for adults!
They say change is as good as a holiday; and I could do with a lovely warm summer holiday right now. So make some small changes and let me know how you go, send in your photos!
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