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Get your bedroom Spring ready

5 tips for a Springtime bedroom.

After the winter, and with all the hibernation going on, things can get a little drab and dusty when it comes to the bedroom. Luckily Spring is right around the corner, and what better way to usher in the warmth and sunshine than with fresh bedding and a bedroom deep clean?

Here are 5 ideas to make your boudoir Spring ready.  

First Things First:
Strip it and Spring clean; every surface, under and behind all the furniture kind of clean.
It’s that time of the year again; Spring cleaning time. The bedroom is where the change of season is most noticeable. It’s time to clear out your winter clothes from your closet and box up jackets, jumpers and boots for storage. It’s time to get out your summer gear, ready for any warmer days that are coming our way! Now deep clean that bedroom from top to bottom; Spring is all about out with the old, in with the new, so tackle those cobwebs and dusty shelves before diving into the décor. Don’t forget to move the bed clean all around it; get rid of all the dust that has built up over the winter.

Refresh Your Bedding:
The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so fresh new bedlinen is essential for the new season.
When you think of spring you think of a clean, fresh and light atmosphere. Wake up a sleepy winter bed with a new set of bedding. Look for lighter, fresher colours and change up how you arrange your bed by adding a couple of new accent pieces. I love white or soft grey for the Spring, they give a lighter fresh look to the bed. Refresh your pillows with new pillowcases to put some “spring” into your bed! A duvet cover and pillowslips in a lighter weight fabric like bamboo or cotton will also add to that crisp Spring feel. If you use flannel sheets, or an electric blanket it may be time to pack these away in preparation for the warmer months. 
I take my duvet (inner) and pillows and hang them outside in the sunshine for a few hours to air and freshen up before I make up my Spring bed. The sunshine and fresh air helps to kills any unpleasant musty odours and dust mites that may have accumulated over the winter.

 Grey BAMBOO duvet set LOOM LIVING Spring makeover GREY BAMBOO bedding duvet cover set LOOM LIVING

Spring Time Scents:
It’s time to invigorate the senses with the arrival of spring, so change your candles for new ones with a lighter scent. I love the vanilla and coconut scents, they remind me of warm Summer holidays at the beach. Add a new scent to your diffuser or add new melts. The change of scent will give an immediate sense of a change in season.

The Little Things:
Small changes can have a big impact. If you don’t want to tackle any big changes for your fresh bedroom look, then focus on the little things to make an equally impressive impact. Change the cushions on your bed, I pack away the furs and heavy fabrics and replace them with lighter brighter cushions and throws. Cushions are the cheapest and easiest way to change the whole look in your bedroom, and add some styled layers to your bedding

Add Something Green:
Nothing feels and looks fresher than green foliage. Statement leaves in a vase adds a Spring freshness instantly. From banana leaves and philodendron leaves, to palms and papyrus, it's an easy and low-maintenance way to add a freshness to a bedroom without any fuss. And if you regularly refresh the water and trim the bottom of the stem, the leaves can last for months.
I love simple green foliage, but if you prefer colour add a vase of fresh flowers, and if they are from your garden even better.

 LOOM LIVING green foliage bedroom SPRING bedroom makeover GREEN foliage BEDROOM SPRING makeover LOOM LIVING

Now your bedroom is Spring ready and your bedding is refreshed, a perfect start to the new season!

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