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Cheats to keep your SHEETS fresh

Who doesn't love freshly washed sheets and pillowslips when they hop into bed at night? Crisp, fresh bedlinen may even help you sleep better.
But not everyone has time to strip the bed and replace the sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers every week!
So . . . is there a way to keep sheets smelling fresh for more than a week?

Obviously different circumstances, habits and personal preferences will result in different laundering frequency, but there are ways to keep your sheets smelling and feeling fresher for longer.

Here is a cheat sheet to keep your sheets and pillowslips fresh:

1. Showering before bed will certainly prolong the time between washing your sheets and pillowslip. A clean face and body will help keep your bedding clean and fresh.

2. Airing your sheets and quilt cover during the day, or even for an hour before you make the bed, can help keep your bedlinen fresh. Leave your bed to air and make it just before you leave for work. That way it has had time to air, and dry out any dampness and unwanted smells for the night before.

bedlinen freshen up bedding LOOM LIVING

3. Using a linen spray to freshen up your bedding in between washes.
Linen spray is a product generally made of water and essential oils. Spritzing a fine mist of linen spray over bedding, sheets and pillowslips will give them a refresh between washes and will keep them smelling great. A little goes a long way, so you can get a great value out of every bottle, or you can make you own!

Here's how to DIY your own linen spray.
The ingredients for homemade linen spray include distilled water, essential oils and witch hazel to help the essential oil emulsify with the water. If you don’t have witch hazel, you can use plain vodka or rubbing alcohol instead.
2 tablespoons witch hazel or vodka
10 drops essential oil
6 tablespoons water
Spray bottle

Lavender essential oil for bedlinen spray LOOM LIVING BAMBOO COTTON sheets bedlinen LOOM LIVING

Lavender is a favourite scent for linen spray and it’s one of the less expensive oils with many benefits. Eucalyptus spray is good for when you’re fighting the flu. Peppermint  or citrus are both uplifting and refreshing oils, and they can help repel insects as well. Combining scents like Lavender, Mandarin, Roman Chamomile, and Valerian can help with sleeplessness.

4. Choose bedlinen that is made from natural fibers. Sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers made from natural fibers are far more likely to stay fresh for longer because of the properties of the natural fibers. Bamboo, Cotton  and Linen are anti bacterial and anti microbial, and have the added benefit of being moisture wicking. These fabrics let your skin breath and keep your feeling comfortable throughout the night. All these natural fabric properties will keep your bedding cleaner and fresher for longer.




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