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Creating a dreamy bedroom

A dreamy bedroom in just 5 easy steps.
Follow our tips & tricks that will make your bedroom the perfect space for relaxing, reading and of course sleeping.

1. Choose a bed that suits your needs:
Do you look for comfort or style when picking the perfect bed? Well, I choose both! A simple but stylish bedframe and choose the mattress carefully. There are some amazing mattresses available that are super comfy. If your bedroom is small choose a simple bedframe and spend your money on a great mattress for a good night’s sleep. Use your bedlinen and accessories to add that dreamy look and keep the bed simple. If your bedroom is larger and will suit a poster bed, this adds instant romance to a bedroom. Add fairy lights or a canopy and your dreamy bedroom is well established.

LOOM LIVING white BAMBOO duvet bamboo cotton set Pillowcases

2. Choose neutral sheets and pillowslips:
To make your bed really stylish, choose neutral sheets and give contrast and colour accents when picking the pillowcases and the quilt cover. So, add pillowslips with different shades and pick a duvet cover in a very elegant or dreamy pale colour. I love sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers in neutral tones that all work together. This bedroom below has bedlinen that adds an instant dreamy style just by using to Ash grey and White bedding combination. Bamboo sheets are light weight and are perfect for Summer nights and creating that dreamy look to any bed. The super soft bedlinen made from Bamboo Cotton will enhance that light airy feeling.

BAMBOO cotton WHITE bedlinen quilt cover bamboo pillowcases LOOM LIVING

3. Add the perfect nightstand:
The nightstand can define the style of your bedroom, so choose one that adds to the look of your bedroom. A bedside table that has simple lines is great for a minimal, industrial, or Scandinavian bedroom. A more ornate, think mirrored or metallic, side table will suit an elegant or glamorous bedroom. When decorating it you can add gorgeous lamps, fresh flowers in interesting vases, candles and your favourite books.

LOOM LIVING BAMBOO sheet set BAMBOO pillowcases BAMBOO sheets

4. Decorate your bedroom using framed photos and mirrors:
The bedroom is the perfect place to create a small gallery wall using inspirational quotes and family photos that show emotion. You can also pick art or dreamy landscapes that relaxes the eye. Decorate your bedroom space using statement mirrors to add a lightness to the room.

5. Choose dreamy accessories:
Finally, to make everything really dreamy add a lovely bench to the end of the bed that will match the style of the room. Pick a wooden one for a Japandi bedroom, a velvet one for a glam or feminine space and a minimal one for an industrial bedroom.
Decorate with the lights; a dreamy chandelier for a Parisian chic bedroom, a cool lamp for an industrial space, or some statement lamps for a retro feel. Cushions, throws and rugs are the final finishing touches to any bedroom.
Choose light colours and tonal shades that will enhance your bedlinen and add to your dreamy bedroom goals.

White BAMBOO COTTON bedlinen duvet set BAMBOO pillowcase LOOM LIVING

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