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Why BAMBOO BEDLINEN is best for Summer

Many of us don't swap our bedding each season; but to prevent tossing and turning in the summer heat, it may be a good idea to change your sheets, and quilt cover, as the weather gets warmer. If you want to keep cool in the warmer months, it’s best to change your sheets and quilt covers to fabrics that won't make a hot night even worse! 
So ditch your thick sheets and flannel bedding, and choose bedding that is soft, light weight and made of natural fibers. 

Why Choose Natural Fibers?
Fabrics made from natural fibers like bamboo, cotton and linen, are the most breathable and will wick away perspiration, keeping you cool and dry.
Synthetic fabrics like polyester however don't allow ventilation, and don’t absorb perspiration.
Studies suggest that the average person sweats about 500ml of perspiration throughout the night! Cotton and Bamboo cotton blends, are affordable, comfortable and durable.
Bamboo bedlinen breathes well and has a natural cooling effect and has an added bonus of being anti bacterial and anti microbial, reducing the chance of a sweaty smell on a warm night.

BAMBOO COTTON sheets sets quilt covers LOOM LIVING

Consider the Weight. 
Although sateen weaves and high thread count sheets are light in weight they tend to be insulating and trap heat because the weave is tighter and traps the heat. While percale sheets are heavier and crisper, this may be preferable in the summer months as they allow for more circulation. So it’s best to choose lighter weight bedding in the warmer months.
Bamboo cotton, is not only moisture wicking but it’s soft and light weight, perfect for a warm night.
In the heat of the night the last thing I need is to feel trapped and sweating under a heavy sheet!

SHEETS lightweight bamboo cotton bedding

Don't Get Hung Up on The Thread Count. 
While most people think that the higher the thread count the more decadent the sheets are, this is not always the truth. Sheets with a very high thread count don't let air pass through as freely, trapping heat underneath. We suggest choosing a sheet set with a +/- 300 thread count for the summer.  It's also best to feel the fabric first, as this is the best test to how they will feel against your skin all night long.
At Loom Living our Bamboo cotton bedlinen is 250TC and therefore prefect for the Summer months. We will also send out fabric swatches for you to feel the lightness, and softness of our Bamboo Cotton bedding.

Choose A Light Colour. 
For the summer months, choose light coloured sheets and pillowslips that reflect heat rather than absorb it, and reflects the light that comes in through your bedroom windows during the day. White or light coloured sheet sets also give a cool summery feel.
Always remember when washing your sheets use lukewarm water and avoid drying on high heat to keep them in the best condition. Better yet, dry your sheets on a line outdoors for that amazing sunshine smell.
Our Ash Grey or White Bamboo Cotton bedlinen are the perfect colours for Summer and look great as a colour combination.

LOOM LIVING bamboo cotton quilt cover ash grey pillowslips

At Loom Living we are about to launch our sheets sets, just in time for Summer!

They are in production at the moment and will be ready for online sales in November.
The bamboo cotton fabric is perfect for your Summer sheets, and will keep you fresh and cool all night long.  

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