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Freshen up your bedroom

Your bedroom is your place to relax, a safe haven from the chaos of daily life; unless it smells!
Don’t worry, bedroom odours are fairly common, but when your bedroom starts to smell musty and sweaty, it’s time to sort it out!

The first and most important place to start -

The bedding:
Your bedlinen is one place where funky smells are never appreciated!
The bed is central to this space for relaxation and fun. But if you don’t change your sheets and pillowslips often enough, they will smell.
Air out the sheets, pillows and duvet cover every day. That’s right, don’t make the bed right away.
We spend a minimum 6 hours in bed every night, so overnight you sweat, your skin flakes etc; you’re human. So, pull back the quilt covers in the morning and let your bed air out while you shower and get ready for the day.
Make the bed on your way out the door, this will give your bed time to air and dry out.
The average person changes their bedlinen every 3 – 4 weeks. If your bedroom smells I suggest washing and changing your sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers at least once each week and if needed, change and wash your pillow slips more often – they harbor oils, germs, and dust mites and can cause your face to break out because of the build up of germs.
Bedding that can help with bacteria and microbes is bamboo.

bamboo bedding bamboo duvet bamboo pillowcases bamboo bedlinen

Bamboo bedlinen is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The best for duvet covers, sheet sets and pillowcases.
Clean duvets and pillowcases on your bed smell fresh and inviting so make sure your bed is so luxurious you never want to leave it!


bamboo bedding duvet pillows pillowcases LOOM LIVING quilt cover pillowslips 

The bed head:
One surprising source of nasty smells is the spot behind your pillows.
If you don’t use a headboard, hair and skin oils build up on the wall and can eventually cause the surface to shine or take on a greasy, smudged look. Give the wall a good clean regularly.
If you have a headboard these can harbour nasty odours, so use a removable cover and clean it regularly or if your headboard is upholstered spot clean when needed.
This will give the bedroom an instant lift and freshen the room.

bamboo cotton bedlinen quilt cover pillowslips LOOM LIVING

The ventilation:
This is vital for odour prevention, and probably the most important pong prevention strategy! Overnight your body releases smells; breath, sweat, sex, and even flatulence, these all add to the bedroom aroma!
Clear the air by making sure that your room is properly ventilated. If you can leave a window open at night or the bedroom door, this will circulate the air and prevent the build up of nasty smells.
If you can’t leave a window open at night, air your room out daily by opening a window during the day and keep the door open and let fresh breeze blow through.

 bedroom summer breeze bamboo bedding quilt cover pillows white bedlinen  white bedlinen bamboo cotton quilt cover pillowcases LOOM LIVING  bedding white breezy bedroom duvet and pillows LOOM LIVING

Adding a plant to your bedroom will also help with odours; Bamboo palms are not only look beautiful but they will fill your room with pure, fresh air, they are a super powerful air cleanser, put a couple of these palms in a corner to remove toxins and bad smells from your bedroom. indoor plants remove pollutants from the air by absorbing these gases through their leaves and roots. The microorganisms that live in the soil of potted house plants also play an instrumental role in neutralizing odours and other pollutants.

bedroom plants bamboo bedding loom living  Bamboo plant indoors bedroom plants LOOM LIVING  Indoor plants bamboo bedroom LOOM LIVING

The flooring:
If you have a carpeted bedroom ensure it is vacuumed regularly and spot clean when needed.
Hard floors are best for keeping the bedroom odour free and fresh. Hard floors can be regularly wiped keeping them clean and the nasty odours away. Use area rugs to make the bedroom cosy and these can be aired and cleaned when necessary to keep them for harbouring nasty smells.
The Spruce has a great article on bedroom flooring.

bedding grey bamboo duvet pillowslips pillowcases bamboo Loom Living


We often neglect our bedrooms and bedlinen because not many people see our bedrooms. But we spend a lot of time in your bedrooms and I feel it is important to keep is stylish, clean and fresh.
Clean it regularly, keep it well aired and spend time tidying and organising your boudoir.
It will help you feel relaxed and sleep well!

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