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Caring for your bed threads
With proper care, your bedlinen will become better and softer over time to give you comfort and pleasure for years to come.


Machine wash your duvet cover and pillowcases in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergents to preserve the yarns. 

When heated, the pores of the natural fibers open up, and the more you can keep these closed, the softer the texture will remain.

Don’t over use the washing powder.
I would even suggest using less than it says to use on the box. Both our Bamboo Cotton and other natural fibers like linen are natural, so you don’t want to ruin the beautiful yarns with too many soapy chemicals.
Choice has some great advise on what to use in your washing machine.

I recommend you avoid using a fabric softener. 

Basically this stuff coats the fibres and makes them feel smoother, but really its trapping in all of the goodness and making them less breathable and softeners can cause skin irritation to sensitive skins. The softeners often contain perfumes that stay on the fabric which can cause skin irritation.
Avoid detergents that contain bleach, ammonia or enzymes as they may cause your bedding to discolour.
Please be aware that skin creams and beauty products may stain or discolour your bedlinen.

To keep your whites white, soak them overnight in hot water with mild detergent only.
Also, natural household staples like vinegar and baking soda are great to keep whites white, not only are they better on the environment, but they're more effective than bleach.
Oily grease stains from body lotion on sheets and quilt covers, or mascara stains on your pillowslips are common! Spot clean these stubborn stains with dishwashing liquid, yes this works best!
Wet the spot, apply the liquid soap, and, if the fabric isn’t fragile, massage it in or scrub with a nail brush before washing.

white bamboo cotton duvet cover and pilloeslip set LOOM LIVING quilt covers white

Do not put your bedding in the same wash cycle with your clothes.
Metal zippers, buttons and coarser fabrics can roughen up the texture of your sheets. Metal zips can make holes in your bedding!

Never over-fill your washing machine.
Your bedding needs room to move around in the machine and because duvet covers and sheets are big they need a bit more space to wriggle!



Line drying is best for your quilt covers and pillowslips.
Hanging them out to dry will ensure more longevity and less wrinkling.
Line drying also reduces the amount of ironing needed once your sheets and duvet covers are dry. Hang your duvet covers and pillowcases on the line and pull them straight while they are wet to avoid too many crinkles.

I suggest using the warm dryer only when necessary. 
The heat destroys the natural fibers of the bamboo cotton and will considerably shorten the lifespan of your bedlinen. Once they are almost dry take them out the dryer and put them straight onto your bed, this avoids too many creases forming in the dryer.

If your sheets and pillowcases are going back in the cupboard, make sure they are completely dry. Any excess moisture will make your sheets smell damp and don’t ever store your bedding in plastic boxes, your bedding needs to breathe.

Iron if necessary while the bedding is damp this makes ironing so mush easier! But to be honest I love my quilt cover slightly crumpled. My pillowslips however I have started to iron, but maybe I’m just trying to avoid any wrinkles near my face 😊

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