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6 tips to update your bedroom.

Photo Harper and Wilde

The boudoir is the most important room in the house, yet it’s the space that often gets the smallest part of our budget when it comes to decorating. Because not many people see your bedroom, it is often a little neglected in the décor budget!
Considering we spend so much time in there recharging at night, and maybe during the day on weekends ;) our bedrooms really deserves some decor TLC. Here are six budget friendly bedroom ideas that’ll give your space a welcome refresh without your bank account cowering in fear!

  • Foot of the bed

This is one great way to update and refresh your bedroom, add a bench or chest at the end of the bed like this one from Few and Far
This is such a budget friendly design idea and gives you a brand new surface to play with in terms of decorating. 

White organic bamboo cotton duvet cover and pillowslips LOOM LIVING
You could also use an old trunk or suit case, this is great for storage or to stack books on. Create a vignette with folded blankets or a tray, or even use it as a place to dump your cushions and extra pillows when you’re sleeping at night.

If you can’t afford the one above, you can pick up vintage pieces in similar designs at second hand stores for next to nothing and give it a coat of paint for totally fresh look. Think creatively, an old toy box with a new coat of paint could look amazing at the end of your bed. Make a weekend project of it and create your own custom made bench!
Pop Sugar have some amazing tips for painting your old or tired furniture.

  • Your bedlinen

Because it takes up so much visual real estate in the bedroom a fresh quilt cover and pillow cases will really breathe new life into your space. Buy the best bedlinen you can afford to you won’t regret it! You get what you pay for with bedding, natural fibres like bamboo, cotton and linen will last longer and get better with age. They also have so many other benefits to your health.

This Ash grey bamboo cotton bedlinen from Loom Living starts at $220. A choice like this in soft Grey and White combination doesn’t feel overly summery or wintery, so you can rock it year-round without fear of it dating. Buying bedlinen that will last more than one season is the best philosophy; Less land fill and more money in your pocket in the long run!


Bamboo bedding grey LOOM LIVING quilt cover set pillowcase set duvet cover pillowslips

Accessorize you bed, this will add luxe to your bedroom without costing, consider just 1 or 2 cushions for your bed and just a throw or blanket to drape across the end of it. You’ll be surprised at what a difference they can make, and the stylish finish they will give your bedroom. Less is more for your pocket and the environment!

  • Bedside tables

Have a look around your house and consider if there’s any furniture in your living room, dining room or office that could double as a bedside table. Alternative pieces you’d not ordinarily consider are awesome ways to change up the entire look of your room. Use a stack of magazines if you don’t have a table or improvise with a chair a or old suitcase, these can make amazing bedside tables.

If you don’t have anything at home you can move into the bedroom, set yourself a budget and hit the sales or charity stores looking for pieces that would suit the space. Thinking outside the square always produces the best design results, just make sure you measure how much space you have to play with before you leave the house! Don’t forget that any old piece of furniture can look amazing with a coat of paint.


bedroom side table white bedding bedroom goals LOOM LIVING

This bedroom style by Louise at Villa Styling has used a chair. It looks great and an odd chair is easy to find at a charity store or the council clean up.

  • Under foot

I love all rugs at the moment, round rugs, shags, and hides to name a few, and I think there’s no better place than to pop one than under your bed. The circular shape in the one above makes the entire space feel a little warmer, more welcoming and a lot more relaxed. Rugs are an inexpensive way to add a little extra style and layering to your bedroom and it’s so simple yet has a great impact. This bedroom below styled by Hunter Style Collective is an example of just how a great rug can transform your boudoir.
Below photo by Villa Styling

 bedroom circle rug Villa Styling LOOM LIVING bedroom style bedroom goals   white duvet cover and pillowcases bedroom decor Hunter Style Collective LOOM LOVING


  •  Indoor plants

The bedroom is a perfect place to introduce some indoor plant varieties, be it a large-scale plant in a corner, where you might ordinarily place a lamp, or on a bedside table in a cute pot or holder if you room is more modest in size. I love all these plants from Bloom Space for the bedroom. Plants have so many benefits for your indoor space, they are not just a pretty décor team!

I love plants and all things garden, but if you are not a plant expert, hit your nursery and ask what the best plants are for your room, I am loving my Peace Lilly at the moment, and my next purchase is a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Interior Motives has style this bedroom beautifully with Loom Living Indigo bamboo bed set and a Peace Lilly accessory.

  • DIY headboard

This is possibly my favourite DIY idea, and is definitely one for those of you who like to dabble in a bit of DIY around the house. I was so inspired by this beautiful headboard I found on Pinterest that I made my own, with a little help from my husband, of course!

bedroom decor bedhead headboard LOOM LIVING bedroom goals

Creating your very own custom bedhead is a wonderful idea and will give your bedroom a luxurious finishing touch.

I’ve seen doors like this from Dreamy Whites blog on the pavement during council cleanup, and even some versions in second hand stores and I think this is another amazing idea for a bedhead and so on trend now.

 white bedroom bedlinen bedhead head board bedroom decor LOOM LIVING

With these 6 tips and tricks you'll have your bedroom looking stylish just like all those insta posts, and well within your budget!


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