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Creating a bedroom sanctuary

Nowadays with our busy lives the bedroom has become a welcome retreat, a place we can go to at the end of a long day and retire in the cocoon that is your bedroom.

I love my bedroom, it’s the place I escape to read, relax as well as sleep at night.

The center piece of every bedroom – the duvet cover

Your quilt cover set, duvet cover or doona cover if you’re are an Aussie, is the center piece of any bedroom. Your bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and as a result your duvet cover is the center piece and the first thing you will see when you walk into the bedroom.

I love the look of a natural, messy and slightly crinkled bed linen. Bamboo cotton gives you that look and it’s easy to maintain, no ironing required 😊

I love a plain duvet cover because it creates a sense of calm and you can dress it up in any style, to create any look.

Think about plain white and all the looks that you can create with a white quilt cover set, hotel sophistication or monochromatic looks. Pale grey or Indigo for a beautiful Coastal Scandi look. Slate grey and Indigo for a more masculine look or Tribal Boho Luxe, the style opportunities are endless. Have fun with the accessories and you can create a new look every season with a plain coloured duvet cover.
Your quilt cover set will becomes your blank canvass!

I think printed and patterned quilt covers can be too fussy and can restrict the look you want to create, or make changing the look from season to season cost more.

Throws, cushions and accessories, and never under estimate standout lighting, can all be added to give interest, a focal point, and create the look you want.

Things to consider when buying your Duvet Cover set ...

The fabric – Check the fabric of the doona cover is soft to touch and gentle on the skin.
Bamboo cotton is a fabric which is both easy to live with and easy to care for. It’s especially pleasant in summer, thanks to its fresh, soft texture. It breathes so you never feel sticky and sweaty on those hot nights. Bamboo bedlinen has many other benefits; hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, to name a few, perfect for sensitive skin.

And in winter... in Winter it’s even better, because it insulates so well.
It’s just perfect, soft and cosy on the skin and by layering a throw or blanket on your bed you basically trap in the heat.

If you want to sleep perfectly all year round ... sleep in Bamboo Cotton


Buy the best bed linen you can afford - use afterpay where possible, we at Loom Living offer afterpay on all our Bamboo Cotton bedlinen!
Good quality and sustainable bedlinen always costs a little more but it’s worth it,
we send a lot of time in our beds. 

Size - It depends on your bed and the look you are trying to create, But I would always recommend going one size bigger than your bed size, for example if you have a queen bed use a King size duvet cover. Remember you will need to purchase the same size Inner. There is nothing worse than a duvet cover not draped over the edge and that looks too small and ill fitting.


An oversize duvet and quilt cover set creates a feeling of luxury and makes your bed look sumptuous, ready for you the dive into.

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