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A dreamy bedroom on a budget
  1. Regroup accessories in odd numbers

An interesting decorating hack is to group or cluster accessories or any decorative items in odd numbers. So, take your photo frames, vases and candles and reorganise them in groups of three or five. You’ll notice how this makes for a very pretty display on your drawers or side table

  1. Use colour to revive
    Paint your room in a fresh updated colour. If not the whole room, do one or 2 walls, a pale grey or fresh white will transform your room (white is a colour!)

  2. Make the mirror work harder

Mirrors are versatile decorating tools. Instead of hanging the mirror, simply prop it up against the wall on the floor. This can trick the eye into believing that the ceiling is higher than it is. Another great idea for your mirrors is to hang 3 or 5 mirrors together, a collage of mirrors. As well as looking beautiful mirrors will help brighten your room and add the illusion of more space.

  1. Add a personal touch

Bring out those wonderful photographs of your family and build yourself a pretty picture wall. You can buy cheap picture frames and arrange them in a collage and then hang in position. It’s nostalgic and has tonnes of appeal.

  1. Rearrange the rugs

Consider moving things around a little to give your bedroom a new lease on life. Place a carpet or rug underneath the bed for added allure.
 If you have a smaller rug, you could place it just at the foot of your bed, take care to ensure that the width of your rug extends beyond the width of your bed. Smaller rugs on either side of the bed add interest and help with warmth if you have hard floors.

  1. Pile on the pillows

 What can possibly feel cosier than pillows on your bed? Pile them up for a look that spells cosy comfort. Use an assortment of complementary colours  to create the look you want. Bamboo cotton pillowcases are also so soft and comfy to sleep with. Add shades of grey, or fresh Indigo and white.

  1. Use books to make a statement
If you fancy a side table, why not make a stack of books your bedside table? When it’s time to read, all you have to do is pull out a book from the stack.
You could also use a book stack to create a gorgeous display for your accessories or plants.
  1. Bring out the trunks

Old trunks can be repurposed as vintage style storage for all your bedlinen.
Store your blanket in the summer and spare sheets and duvet sets.
Stack them one above the other for a well-travelled look.

  1. Change up your bedlinen

Change the way you make your bed. If you have always made your bed flat and all tucked in, try and fold down the top of the quilt, or make a roll to add that magazine styling. Pull the duvet lower over the heal of the bed to create the illusion of luxury. Instagram and Pinterest have so many create styling ideas for you bed and they don’t cost a cent!


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