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Cozy up in the bedrooom

Just as our personal style changes with the seasons, so should our bedrooms. With the arrival of Autumn and the cooler nights our bedrooms can easily be made into a cozy boudoir.
The cooler months invite softer, tactile textures and should inspire a sense of hygge in our homes.

One of the most important parts of creating a warm and welcoming sanctuary you'll never want to leave, is comfy layers and tactile textures. These for me are some easy ways to make your bedroom feel snug as the nights get colder.

It doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly either. Simply changing your duvet cover, adding a fresh set of sheets, and incorporating a decorative pillow or two, adding a blanket or throw, is enough to make you feel like you’re in a brand new bedroom.
Textures that draw you in, and make you want to touch them help create that coveted sense of hygge.
Every bed needs a duvet and sheets, but you can make your bedroom feel extra cozy by layering throws, blankets and tactile textures, as seen in this bedroom decor below. Instead of a single warm duvet, consider adding cozy textures with a few throws or blankets that can be layered on your bed.



Think about the last time you were in a furniture store, or looking at bedlinen on line, and were instantly drawn to the beautiful layered bedding. Layering blankets, sheets and pillows is a designer trick to create a more inviting and appealing bed.

From shaggy pillows to velvety knit throws, mix and match textures that are appealing to the touch. Be careful too many different fabrics can look busy, so aim for two or three textures in your bedroom.

With the added textures and layering your bedroom will have all the hygge you need to sustain you through the colder nights.

Sweet Dreams!

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