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Bring the Outdoors In

Photo by Michael Wiltbank

Houseplants not only add a little of the outdoors into your bedroom but they also filter the air, and add colour to your bedroom decor. Scientific studies have shown that houseplants can have a calming, relaxing effect on people, making them perfect picks for bedrooms. Be creative with the plant pots, use an old iron bucket, a basket or wooden box. The containers will also add style and interest to your bedroom decor. 

One of the most important things to remember with indoor plants is not to overwater; More plants die from too much moisture rather than too little. Keep a plant saucer below the plant pot, this is to ensure that no moisture will damage your carpet or wooden surfaces, but never let your houseplant sit in water for more than an hour. Most plants do not like to stand in water for too long.

Top tip: Stick your finger into the soil of your pot plant about 2-3cm deep, if the soil is dry, water your plant, but, if the soil is wet or damp leave the watering for another few days until the soil is dry and only then water.
When it rains take your plants outside to get a good soaking and a clean, indoor plants can get dusty!

There's a wide selection of plants that will grow well indoors and that offer big rewards, even if they're neglected a little, or if you have the black thumb!

Here are my top 6 plants for indoors and especially your bedroom.

 Snake plant
This plant may have a less than attractive common name, “Mother-in-laws-tongue” but it's a winner in low-maintenance situations. Silvery striations mottle the green sword like leaves that stand to attention, making it a perfect plant for a vertical corner focal point in the bedroom. The Snake plant is a succulent and can take low-moisture situations.
This plant will release oxygen into the air day or night. It will grow in low to bright levels of light and has very low watering needs.

bedroom plant LOOM LIVING Snake plant for bedroom indoor plants Sanke plant LOOM LIVING bedding bedroom indoor plants
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Moth Orchid
A blooming orchid adds serenity and beauty to your bedroom.  The Moth orchid is the easiest orchid to grow and named because its petals resemble the rounded wings of a moth. Because moth orchids originate in tropical regions, they prefer high humidity and they bloom once a year, but you can expect them to stay in bloom for many weeks or even months before the blooms fall off the flower spike. Place the orchid in a saucer to keep any excess moisture from damaging furniture or flooring.

White moth orchid LOOM LIVING bedroom plants 

Top tip for watering your orchid: place 1 ice cube in the pot once a week and this will keep your plant with the perfect amount of water. 

Peace Lilly
This plant is easy to grow and gives a tropical feel to the bedroom. It is a good choice for those of us who love to water our plants, as it can take wetter soil than most indoor plants. Glossy green pointed leaves grow with little care. Groom by removing any browned leaves or leaf tips. Depending on the size of your plant, you can grow it as a floor plant or on your bedside table.

This plant filters formaldehyde and benzene from the air. They also increase the humidity in the rooms that they are placed in, which can help with common winter illnesses. Peace lily plants will grow in low to bright light, but need regular watering.
LOOM LIVING bamboo bedding peace Lilly plant bedroom   bamboo bedding peace lilly LOOM LIVING
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Cast-iron plant
This plant is great for those with a black thumb, it almost thrives on neglect. If you want greenery without having to think about it much, this is the plant for you. Its long, elegant green leaves are pretty enough for a bedroom but suitable wherever you put it. Cast-iron lives up to its name by being tough, drought-tolerant, and tells you, when the leaves droop, that it's finally had enough neglect. The manageable size means you can set it on top of a bench or place on a table for more prominence.  

 indoor plants bedroom LOOM LIVING aspidestra

Fiddle Leaf Fig
The shiny leaves of the fiddle leaf fig are shaped like small violins. This tropical tree provides stately height and a substantial presence in a large bedroom. Keep it pruned to the size you want or it might take over! Luckily, this is an easy job, and dusting the glossy leaves is about the only other maintenance it needs other than watering. This plant adds style and a statement to your bedroom with its beautiful shape and statement leaves.

LOOM LIVING fiddle leaf fig in a basket

Bamboo Palm
Also known as a Reed Palm, this plant is a fantastic air purifier. Ditch your chemical-laden air fresheners in favour of a few of these pretty palms and say goodbye to airborne smells and toxins. Not only will you be able to enjoy your home’s pure, fresh air during the day, but you’ll enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep too. Given its exotic origins, the Bamboo Palm will bring a tropical, warm feel to your bedroom. It’s fairly easy to care for – just keep the soil moist (but not wet) and place the plant in indirect sunlight.


bedroom plants bamboo palm LOOM LIVING

The beautiful green of  these plants will not only add colour and style to your bedroom decor but also compliment your bedding and add most importantly, those all essential health benefits to your bedroom sanctuary!

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