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Scandi your home

Scandinavians are to the interior design world what French girls are to fashion:
They have a distinct, effortless sense of style that exudes cool. I’ve long been an admirer of Scandinavian design and am often trying to emulate their sense of interior style. For me the Scandi look has become a classic décor style and a way of life, rather than a trend.
Each season the Scandi look morphs into something a little different but the essence remains the same. Clean lines, neutral palette with a mix of old and new. Update your Scandi look this season, with a little Wabi Sabi.

Whether you're interested in redecorating your home or just making a few seasonal updates, there are a number of lessons to learn from Scandinavian design and life style.

Here are 6 ways to achieve that cool Scandinavian style.


Scandinavian homes appear minimalist, clean, and light drenched thanks to a unifying white, cream, and grey colour palette. This will give your room an immediate Scandi look, and go one step further than painting a room all white, and accent the trim, ceiling, and baseboard with varying shades of neutral paint.

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A Well styled Scandinavian room contrasts the straight lines in bookshelves, desks, and sofas with organic curved lines. You can do this by adding a stunning pendant light and lamps in unique shapes. There are so many amazing lights on the market today, and often really well priced, Beacon lighting has a range of modern pendant lights that will suit a Scandi look and even Bunnings has a range of cool pendants. Lamps in contrasting style and colour add the look of effortless style, and create interest to your simplified Scandi decor.

LOOM LIVING indigo bedlinen quilt cover pillowslips bamboo cotton   pendant lights interior style woven pendant lighting LOOM LIVING


A crisp white colour palette and minimalist black and white furniture can make a room look stark and clinical. Consider bringing the outdoors in via an oversize plant or tree, and don't overthink the planter, improvise using what you have in the house. A rough hessian sack, a basket or wrinkled paper bag adds character to the otherwise clean, neutral space.
For your bedroom the plants have added value, they can promote calmness and sleep.

 Scandi interior indoor plant LOOM LIVING Bedroom Scandi style Pinterest LOOM LIVING blog


Balance the clean neutral palette and harsh lines with accessories in natural materials, such as a jute rug, basket planters, or a woven pendant light. An oversize pendant light immediately draws your gaze up, making the room feel larger than it actually is and creates an interesting focal point. 
In the bedroom, a rug on the floor is great when you get out of bed especially if you have wooden floors!



Decorating your home is about curation, and if every furniture piece and accessory is new, it runs the risk of looking overly contrived or like a show home. Instead, furniture should tell a story about those who use it.  Ix some of your old sentimental pieces with new updates pieces.


Blonde wood often features in Danish and Swedish homes. It pairs well with the light colour palette and adds a raw, natural texture to an otherwise white space. Choose unpolished wood floorboards and embrace the natural imperfections for an inviting, fuss-free room.
These rooms have all the essential elements for the easy, carefree Scandi style.

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The Scandinavian look has moved from trend to life style and can be embraced by anybody wanting to simplify their lives and freshen up their décor.

Scandi coastal cool, or Scandi tribal and Kinfolk style have all morphed into their own trends originating from the Scandinavian look.

Pinterest has so many images to inspire you with this look.

Have fun with it and make it your own, remember it’s a life style and state of mind, and I feel a trend for many years to come!


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