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6 steps to your perfect bedroom

Bedrooms are such an important space in our homes, a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, somewhere to relax, read and recharge.

 Here are six essentials every bedroom needs to look and feel beautiful:


The bed is the focal point in most bedrooms, so your bed linen, duvet or doona (if you’re an Aussie) takes center stage!

Beautiful bedlinen is a must when creating your haven. A good night’s sleep is so important, therefore spending money on good quality sheets and quilt covers is essential. For a comfortable, cosy and soft feel, bamboo cotton is pure luxury. Pillowcases in bamboo cotton are also good for your skin and so soft to sleep on.
On top of the quilt cover or bed linen, layer the bed with throws or blankets for added texture and extra comfort, especially as the weather gets colder.


They are such a lovely way to add texture and luxury to the bed and they’re a must to achieve a stylish look.
How many pillows is too many? It depends on the size of the bed, but I would suggest 4 minimum on a queen or king size bed and six on a super king bed, single beds can have one to two. Buy pillowcase pairs that are contrast or tonal shades to add extra dimension and layering.

Much depends on the look you are going for – if a loose, casual, slightly crumpled bed made up with natural bamboo or linen is your preference, then four pillows is enough.
If your aesthetic is more formal and elegant, then go all out and include two European pillows, four standard pillows and a couple of decorative cushions to finish it off.

 The objective should always be to make your bed look cosy and inviting without having to spend ten minutes every night removing cushions before you can hop into bed! Pillows are a great way to help you, they add interest and depth if you add different coloured pillows and you sleep with them, no need to throw them off! Only add 1, 2 or maybe 3 decorative cushions that need to be removed before you hop in.





Is there anything worse than stepping out of bed onto a cold hard floor in the morning? Bedrooms should be all about layers and softness and that extends to floor coverings. A good size rug will anchor the furniture pieces in the room nicely and create that cosy look. The look you want to achieve will depend on the size and design of your rug. A grass rug will add a tribal or coastal look, while a kilim or Persian will add a boho luxe or a luxurious romantic vibe.


The right lighting can take a room from average to amazing. Downlights should be fitted with a dimmer switch so that they can be turned down when it’s time to relax. Lamps create a restful, calming mood in the bedroom. Bedside lamps or pendants are perfect for reading and create a cosy atmosphere. There are so many amazing lights to choose from nowadays, we are spoilt for choice!
And don’t forget candles! There is nothing more romantic than candle light in the bedroom.

If you are worried about the safety aspect than buy the battery powered candles. I have some and they look so real, perfect for creating that romantic feel without the fire hazard.

bedlinen duvet set in bamboo cotton quilt cover and pillowcase pairs, cushions and throw



Think ottoman, occasional chair, bench seat or even an old trunk. It is important to have a place to sit to put shoes on, chat on the phone and throw your clothes at the end of the day! A seat will help to keep your bed free of clutter.


Keep it personal. There is no more personal space in your home than your bedroom, so make sure to include; mementos from travels, favourite flowers in a vase, artwork that makes you smile. A gallery wall of family photos or the family tree add a special personal touch.

 Keeping these 6 tips in mind when you decorate your bedroom will make your room into the beautiful sanctuary you desire.

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