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The masculine makeover

Bed linen is my passion and I often look at beautiful bedlinen in stores and online but I very rarely see any product or styles for men.
The retail market does not always cater to a more masculine style and I wonder why the blokes are not getting a look in when it comes to the design style in the bedroom.

There are ways to style a bedroom that can appeal to the blokes out there that like strong masculine colours and style.
Colour is very important in making a room look masculine and not compromising on style.

Good news for the blokes out there! Indigo is a very stylish and contemporary colour this season and will be for a few seasons to come, it is a colour that is gaining popularity because it is so versatile and can be teamed with so many other colours.
Our range of bamboo bedlinen comes in an Indigo blue quilt cover and pillowcases that goes well with Slate grey pillowslips to give a stylish masculine look that is very on trend.
The bedlinen can be layered with the duvet cover and pillowcases in matching colours or in different colours or shades of grey.


There are also so many reasons to use bamboo bedlinen; the benefits to the sleeper and environment are numerous.

Any blokes out there that suffer from allergies? look no further than bamboo quilt covers and pillowcases. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, Bamboo is also a sustainable resource that makes super soft doona covers.

Add some blokey accessories to your side tables and you'll have yourself a man cave that you can sleep in!




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