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Cozy Winter layers

Here are some layering essentials to keep you snug in the bedroom on those chilly winter nights. 

Layering your bed not only keeps you warm but also adds that extra element of style and comfort to your bedroom sanctuary.

1. Add a top sheet.
If you don’t use a top sheet, now may be a good time to add a top sheet also called a flat sheet.
A top sheet adds that extra layer where warm air is trapped inside the bedding layers and increases heat. Think of it like wearing a T shirt under your jumper.

2. The winter duvet.
If you have a winter and summer duvet inner, make sure your winter duvet has enough tog to keep you warm. 
The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet. 2.5 – 7 tog is perfect for spring and summer and 10.5 – 13.5 ideal for autumn and winter. There is a lot of advice out there for choosing the right duvet tog or gsm.

3. Create toasty layers with throws and blankets.
Rather than just using one thick blanket or duvet, create layers instead.
The idea is to create layers of insulation, trapping air which is a poor conductor of heat.
Layers also work well because you can remove them if you get too warm in the night. Try alternating between thinner and thicker layers to maximise the insulation effect. Adding blankets and throws also gives your bed a cosy and very welcoming look that you will want to dive into on a cold night.

4. Use a heated blanket.
Although it’s possible to warm your bed using just your body and bedding, for some people it still might not be enough. And if you really don’t like getting into a cold bed, maybe it’s time to warm it up before you actually climb in.
A few years ago I invested in an electric blanket and I have never looked back! I love the feeling of getting into a warm bed. I switch mine off once I’m in bed but my hubby love to keep his on low all night.

These are just a few tips and tricks, you can keep yourself warm and snug this winter.
If you have any more tips, let me know!

Sweet dreams!

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