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The bedroom to envy them all

It’s the colour of the moment in all is glorious shades. Green is a refreshing and sophisticated shade to incorporate into any home.

Owing to its association with nature, applying hues of green to your home can create a soothing atmosphere that can transform any room into a calming retreat. With these wonderful benefits, it seems even more fitting that we should put this shade into our bedrooms, so that we can feel the positive effects as soon as we open our eyes first thing in the morning!
Like the colour blue, green gives off calm and relaxing vibes, making it the perfect palette for a bedroom.
The colour green reminds us of nature and helps to bring the outdoors in with its fresh vibrancy. We love green bedrooms because they have the tranquillity of a neutral space but with all the excitement and personality of a colourful room.
If you’re looking for ideas on how to add a touch green to your bedroom the best way is to add favourite shade of green in bed linen and cushions. This is the most cost effective and instant way to update your sanctuary. Add a new Olive duvet cover or a pair of Forest pillowcases to your bed and see how quickly your bedroom will be transformed!

green interior trends from Temple and Webster interior green shades

The current green palette ranges from light hues of Mint and Sage, to darker shades of Moss, Emerald, Olive, and Forest green. There is a shade of green for every bedroom and interior style. Choose a shade of green that works well with the rest of your furniture and interior style. The key is find your shade of green and start small, the colour will grow on you!

shades of green moss emerald olive forest interior green trend  Temple and Webster interior trend green shades outdoors in green nature bring it inside the home

If adding green to your interior is still took “out there” for you, other ways to “bring the outside in” is to add nature to your space, our friends the indoor plants. 

These not only add that pop of green but also have added benefits of increasing oxygen in your bedroom and giving us a general feeling of wellbeing.
Besides adding plants, you can incorporate a great natural feel to any space by bringing in natural fabrics and textures. Look for unfinished wood, leather, or grass. Baskets, pottery, even a pillow with a handmade feel really bring a sense of earthiness to any space.

Green is a colour that will be around for a few seasons to come in various shades and tones, so why not give it a try and see how adding a little nature to your bedroom will invigorate you for the seasons ahead.

Sweet dreams!

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