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Make your small bedroom bigger

I love the idea of a large bedroom with a comfy sofa and plenty of storage, or maybe my dream, a walk in wardrobe! But this is a dream for most of us, my bedroom is small and only has space for the bed, one side table and a dresser. I think this is what most of our bedroom floor spaces look like.
Well, we can still have beautiful bedrooms that are stylish in these small spaces.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when floor space is scarce in the bedroom:

1. Keep the colours fresh & light

Light colours enhance the feeling of space, while darker hues tend to close in the space. Lighten up your walls, furnishings and bed. The focal point of most bedrooms is the bed and that makes your choice in the bedlinen a vital part in making your bedroom look bigger.
Choose bedding that is light and preferably plain. Pattern and prints are beautiful, but in a small bedroom they can close in the space and make your bedroom look smaller and more cluttered than it is. A soft grey quilt cover is a great alternative from white if you don’t want your room to look too sterile. Keep bedlinen and bedding accessories to a minimum, too many cushions and blankets can make the bedroom look fussy adding to a cluttered feel in the smaller bedrooms.

The colour white is an expansive and practical choice for the walls in a small bedroom. It keeps the space from looking too busy or boxed in. Using white or lighter colours combats the absence of a large wall space or windows and brightens up the space.

LOOM LIVING BAMBOO cotton  duvet cover pillowslips bedding sustainable ETHICAL bedlinen

2. Choose a smaller bed

This may seem obvious but ditch the king-size, or even queen bed, and maybe opt for a double bed! If storage space is an issue buy a bed that has storage or use under bed storage containers; this can free up a lot of space.

A few inches of extra space can be vital in a small bedroom. Choose a simple modern bedframe and headboard and get rid of a bed frame with a footboard. Having a simple bed frame adds to the minimal look you will need in a smaller bedroom. This simple Scandi bedframe below from Life Interiors is ideal for a small bedroom.

 BED bedroom furniture LOOM LIVING

3. Using mirrors to create space & light.

Mirrors expand a small bedroom by creating the illusion of a bigger room. Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is also the only way to up the natural light in your space.

The easiest way to incorporate a big mirror to your space is to find a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall, no holes needed. There are also some interesting shaped mirrors on the market to create interest and a focal point, just a few more reasons to add a mirror a small space. Amy Kim has added this mirror to her bedroom and the mirror achieves just that, interest and light.

BEDROOM mirror LOOM LIVING bedroom styling
   bedroom mirror LOOM LIVING bedroom styling

  4. Clever use of storage

If you’re in the market for a new bed, consider a bed with drawers underneath for extra storage. If space is so limited that drawers may not open easily, use decorative bins under your bed for additional storage. I love milk crates and other woven baskets that look great and have an added bonus of storing all your paraphernalia out of site.
Bedside tables that have storage are also essential in a small bedroom, I have lotions and other bedtime stuff next to the bed and being able to pack these away will help keep your surfaces clear.

 If you have space at the foot of the bed, add baskets or a trunk. These will all look stylish as well as adding extra storage areas.

bedroom storage LOOM LIVING white bedding bedlinen

5. Embrace minimalism

Add space to your bedroom by clearing out the clutter. The focus of this space is undeniably the bed, so keep other furniture pieces and accessories down to a minimum. Have a good look around your room and if any furniture is not useful or does not contribute to your décor, get rid of it; only have furniture that is essential and useful.

Use sleek, contemporary built-ins for storing clothing. Built-ins maximize storage while looking like they’re not even there.
Have a good clean and declutter and pack away as many things as possible into your storage items. Clear surfaces will add to the illusion of spaciousness; less is more is the mantra in our small bedrooms.

INDIGO bedding LOOM LIVING quilt cover indigo pillowslips white BAMBOO COTTON

We are on the cusp of Spring, a perfect time to clear out, declutter and transform our bedrooms in readiness for the warmer seasons.

Our small bedrooms can look stylish and Pinterest worthy with these 5 easy style tips.

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