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The key to making your bed luxurious is layers, layers and more layers!
This adds interest, depth of colour and textures, and most of all, a feeling of indulgence.

• Let's start with the bed sheet set. You can choose classic white sheets or be a little more daring; Grey or Indigo (it won't show most of the time) but will add contrast and enhance the layered look. So, get the bed made with the fitted sheet, flat sheet (or skip it for a European feel) and pillowcases. Make sure your bedding is soft and comfortable. Buy the best quality you can afford, it will last longer and is generally better for good night’s sleep. I love Bamboo bedlinen myself!

• Next comes the duvet cover, a quilt cover the same size as your bed is the norm, but for added luxury try using a size bigger than your bed base; king size duvet on a queen size bed. The doona will hang lower on the bed and give your bed that luxe look, not to mention on cold drafts in the winter!

• Then come the two pillows. For a king size and super king bed, get larger king sized pillows, for a queen bed 2 regular size pillows are perfect. The standard size pillowslips are about 45cm X 75cm.
The pillowcases can be in the same fabric or design as the quilt cover, or a contrast or tonal colour for added interest and depth of colour to your bedding layers.

• The next step in luxury is the addition of euros or continental pillows, also known as Euro shams. They are square and generally 65cm X 65cm. If your blanket or quilt cover is a plain colour, choose a pattern that incorporates the colour, or a contrast colour that compliments the overall look. I love shades of grey together. If you've got a patterned duvet and pillowcases, a safe bet is a plain colour for the Euros. But do you dare to mix patterns and colour? It can be fun! Two euros are usually sufficient for most beds.

• The final touch of your bedding for that truly luxurious touch is a bolster or accent pillow. Bolsters cushions are tube shaped where an accent pillow can be any shape but is generally smaller and just an accessory. There are some really fun shaped accent cushions available now...hearts, animals, knots and dots. Not to mention so many fun fabrics and trims; fur, sequins, laces, pom poms and tassels.


These cute cushion are from Hart LDN -

• Lastly, throw that throw, coverlet or blanket at the foot of the bed. This is where I love to incorporate a great texture. In winter, the chunkier the cable knit the better! Or a beautifully fluffy fur is the finishing touch to a luxurious bed, ready now for you to admire then jump into!

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