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Guests for the holidays

Whether you want to your friends staying with you to feel extra welcome, or to impress your family when they visit, a beautiful guest bedroom is a must to make your guests’ stay a joyful experience.

It may be a spare room, or a child’s bedroom repurposed for your guests, because not everyone has a guest bedroom, you can make the guest room special. 
Here are 4 easy tips for decorating the bedroom that will ensure a relaxing and memorable stay for your guests.

  1. Beautiful bedlinen

It’s the simple things that make all the difference. Begin with the fundamentals by making sure the bed is made with gorgeous natural and comfortable bedding. An easy way to make a mattress more comfy is to invest in a soft mattress protector to create a plush feel and to guarantee a great night’s sleep for your guests. Ensure you use bedding that is appropriate for the season. Summer bedlinen needs to be cool and comfortable for the warmer weather. Bamboo Cotton blends are perfect for the warmer nights and allow your skin to breath ensuring a good night’s sleep for your guests. For winter months, ensure you have enough layers to keep your guest warm on those cold, frosty nights. Complete the bed with comfy pillows in carefully coordinated colours. A colour scheme that is on-trend yet satisfies a variety of personalities. I would stay away from busy duvet designs or prints that are difficult to mix and match. Plain sheets and quilt covers in neutral colours with accents in calming colours like grey, or my personal favourite for a guest bedroom Indigo bamboo bedlinen, will create a classic and restful room for guests. You want to achieve calm sophistication in a guest bedroom, and this is best achieved with plain beautifully coordinated bedding.
This bedroom below demonstrates this clam sophistication needed for a guest bedroom.


  1. Guestroom essentials

To make your guests feel at home, double check that you have stocked up on all the necessities. A functioning bedside lamp for the guest who wishes to wind down with a book in the evening, is a must. Invest in coat hangers in matching colours for the wardrobe to create an elegant look. A clothes rail is a simple solution if your spare room isn’t equipped with a wardrobe.
If your space allows it, a bench or a stylish ottoman not only brings character to the room but is useful as a luggage rack.
Before your guests arrive place a selection of fresh towels in the room, preferably in crisp white or a beautiful pale grey. This is not the time for second best!

  1. Luxurious finishing touches

To make your guests feel extra special, it’s important not to forget the decorative touches.
Add extra layers to the bed with a soft, cosy rug and accent pillows. An extra throw or blanket at the foot of the bed for cooler nights, adds that extra layering and luxe feel. 
A vase of beautiful fresh flowers on the bedside table for a pretty touch.
A scented candles or fragrance diffuser also adds to that luxe hotel feeling.
Place a small tray on a table for a carafe and glass for water, finished with a selection of books and magazines on the bedside table.
If your spare room has an ensuite, a selection of often forgotten bathroom products like shampoo, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste is a thoughtful addition.
It’s finishing touches like these that make your guests feel at home and so welcomed.



  1. The Practical details

Now it’s time to consider the practical details, with special attention to the things that will add an extra level of comfort and care for your guests. A spare phone charger and a power adapter in the bedroom, along with spare keys and details of your home WiFi password, will make your guests feel at ease. 
If your guests are visiting from abroad, a local guide book, sunscreen, and perhaps some snacks, or local delicacies for the jet lag hours, won’t go unnoticed. These treats will truly spoil your guests, they may never leave!

Your guest bedroom should be a perfect balance between a hotel suite and a personal, relaxing extension of your home - so paying attention to the finer details will create a stay your guests will never forget.


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