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Bedlinen makes a perfect gift

While a new set of bedlinen might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to gift giving, for many it would make a wonderfully useful present.

Weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Birthdays, and of course a house warming present, bedlinen is a perfect gift.

Most people have sheets, pillowslips and duvet covers, but they are not a product you think about replacing every season or even every year. But like our underwear, because it’s not always seen, we tend to neglect it! Bedding being a more expansive purchase is one we neglect or put off until really necessary.
That is why I think a beautiful set of bedlinen as a gift is something that would be so appreciated and get well used.

Considering we send so much time in bed, our sheets and duvet covers do ware out, and a crisp new set of sheets, pillowslips or a new duvet set would make a wonderful gift. Our bedding may need updating or replacing more often than you think, Spring is a perfect time to take stock of your bedding and ask Santa for a new set if needed!

Good quality bedding is not a cheap, but it is a gift that would well used and much appreciated.
This website gives advise on how and what to buy;  How to buy bedding
A great way to buy good quality bedding if it’s over your budget is to club together with friends.Buy a good set of bedlinen instead of a large amount of small gift that won’t be used or end up in the trash, and your friends and family will be very happy.

Whether it’s a wedding gift, a house warming gift or a birthday present bedlinen is a great gift and one that will keep on giving. Some companies will even gift wrap and deliver; offers this service. A hassle free gift for those that are time poor!

When giving a gift, you want to give something that the recipient will use and enjoy on a regular basis, and ideally something a bit indulgent that they might not think to get for themselves. Bamboo, cotton or linen bedding adds that luxury to the gift especially if it is beautifully packaged.

If you've been struggling to find the right gift for someone in your life, consider the benefits they could get from a new set of sheets or pillowslips. There's a good chance this could be the gift they would use more than any other they gifts have received.

Bedlinen as a wedding gift is amazing! The bottom line is, every bride and groom is going to remember a gift that comes with thought and that provides lots of usefulness and longevity. The boring old gravy boat and giant serving tray are not going to get a ton of use. Many couples quickly forget who even purchased those items. However, it is very likely they will remember who gave them their luxury bedlinen.  A couple that has just gotten married often have to make a lot of purchases for their new home. That might make them less inclined to spend a lot of money on something like bedlinen. However, they will be spending a sufficient amount of time in the bedroom, so why shouldn’t they be able to sleep in luxury? 
Bamboo cotton bedlinen id super soft and luxurious, this unique fabric has so many other benefits it would be silly not to buy this for the newlyweds.

 wedding gift bedlinen LOOM LIVING bamboo cotton bedding gift white BAMBOO cotton duvet set pillowslips set bedding gift LOOM LIVING

Bedding as a House warming gift is something often forgotten. How wonderful for someone who has all the expenses of moving out of home for the first time, or just moving to another home, receiving the gift of a new set of bedding. I know I would love it!
You are very safe buying a white duvet set, or even a pale grey duvet set, because these colours will match with any décor. If it’s a close friend, you will have some idea of the colours they like and it will make your colour selection so much easier.
Most online companies has a returns policy, and at Loom Living we have a 30 day money back guarantee, so no worries if they prefer another colour, we’ll swap the set.

white bamboo bedding duvet pillowslip set LOOM LIVING  bamboo duvet set pillowcase white bedlinen LOOM LIVING

So next time you are looking for the perfect gift, buy bedlinen!



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