We believe in using what we have to help those who can not help themselves.
We at Loom Living will give 3% of every purchase you make, to supporting a charity that means a lot to us. Sleeping with bamboo bedlinen will not only benefit you but help others too!
Being women in business, we are passionate about women living in freedom and fulfilling there potential. We want to do whatever we can to help women and children enslaved in the world to be rescued and given a better life.

We at Loom have chosen to support The Freedom Hub.

"The Freedom Hub exists to help people who have experienced this crime and we partner in the fight to end global slavery.
We do this by running a Survivor School for rehabilitation. The Freedom Hub Survivor School is a place where survivors are trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce. A place where, through one-to-one mentoring, supported learning and practical application with partnered businesses; survivors can learn faster, feel valued, and trust is reestablished. Survivors are accelerated into a position of success."

Find out more and join the fight for women's freedom and success 

 freedom hub charity sheet sets for freedom