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Declutter dreaming . . .
Declutter and give yourself space to dream…

The kitchen bench
We all have a kitchen bench, and they seem to be the most common place that just seems to attract clutter, bills, keys, wallets, the list goes on.
Take 10 minutes to sort through the stuff and clear the bench top and you will feel instantly relaxed and in control again.
The hardest part is trying to keep in clear once you have cleared the clutter.
Have a place to keep bills and paper work that is both safe and out of the way. I have “the draw” that has all receipts, bills and other odd paper work that I can’t throw out but needs to be packed away. Looking for any bit of paper or document in my home, look in “the draw”

The coffee table
Take a fresh look at your living room and coffee table and remove anything that detracts from style and look you want to create in the room. Coffee tables with storage are best for those items you want to pack away and keep safe, like remote controls. If your coffee table does not have built in storage, why not place a basket, box or old suitcase underneath your table that will be great to store things as well as look aesthetically pleasing. Place items on your coffee table that help to give your living room a stylish finish, a pile of beautiful books, candles, magazines. This will create another pleasing vignette when you walk into the room.

Your bedside table
Bedside tables are a beautiful addition to any bedroom. They are great for storage as well as somewhere to display photos or décor accessories. In home and interior magazines there is always a bunch of fresh flowers and a perfectly styled vignette on the bedside table. The truth is, bedside tables rarely stay that beautiful, and they quickly become cluttered with books, crumpled receipts and debris from emptied pockets.
Having an uncluttered bedside table will help create the sanctuary you need in your bedroom to get a good night’s sleep and feel properly rested. So, before you hop into your beautiful bed linen tonight, take the time to clear the clutter from your bedside table and you’ll wake up to that beautiful vignette you have seen in the mags.

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The dining table
During the day your table may be used for many activities, homework, craft, board games, or like my table, work. But at the end of each day all the clutter and paper work can be packed away. I have a shelf or two in a cupboard that has all my work stuff, and this is where everything gets packed at the end of each day. Placing a centre piece on the table, flowers, candles or a table runner will again give you a beautiful vignette every time you walk into the dining area
My motto for decluttering . . . A place for everything and everything in its place.
There is a place for everything, and to start the declutter process is to start to find the place for each thing. Sometimes it’s the bin and other times a draw.